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Jason likes to watch trends, one morsel at a time, and is fascinated by data, by energy (renewable and not), and by ideas he never thought of.
3rd Aug, 2016

How to Calibrate Your Oven in R

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What do you get when you cross a crappy oven with a datanerd?

You get a sophisticated and precise calibration table to sticky-tape to the wall, and the pleasure of an oven you can set and forget for the whole recipe cooking time.

Jason uses R to craft a calibration table for our oven, with yummy results.

21st Apr, 2016

Integrity, Part 1 – The Means and the Aims

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Hey! Where did 1% of my nitrogen go?

Keeping your eye on the wholeness of the question can help you see the gaps for what they truly are.

In this blog post, find out how a little reframing of your data can win you a nobel prize.

18th Feb, 2016

“What are we trying to achieve here?”

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If there was one question that you could use to mine the mysterious depths of your employer's mind and enable you to play nicely together, what would it be?

Asking "What are we trying to achieve here?" can save you time and energy by avoiding rework.

But you may have to be patient ... and learn another language.

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