Want to know a secret? Lean in. Data is all around you. Not only that, The right data is valuable. The type of data we discuss in today’s blog, Emotional Data, is not only all around you and right enough to be valuable, it’s also totally free! And you don’t need a data scientist to benefit from it. You’d have to be nuts to pass up such a low hanging opportunity for improvement.

Take, for instance, a day in the office. Everyone’s work day has minor aggravations …

  • You’ve hummed your way through Under Pressure
    [1. Just in case the name didn’t ear-worm you: Under Pressure – Youtube] (no easy feat!) and your crappy computer still hasn’t opened your file.
  • In your first meeting of the day, Captain Clueless spends two hours lecturing you on time management. One meeting down, four to go!
  • Your neighbouring colleague tries to communicate internationally by voice alone.
  • A passerby stops for a chat just as your brain is forming the right wording for your email, and poof! it’s gone.

Repeat after me:

emotional data: frustration annoyance aggravation

All just part of ‘a day at the office’, right?

But does it have to be? Imagine what you could achieve without those niggles!

Would you get more work done?

Would the quality of your work improve?

Would you go home happier?

Would you go to work happier?