Jason Turner

Jason Turner has over 20 years experience in industrial controls, monitoring, automation, power generation, communication, and analysis, with a strong focus on renewables and co-generation. He brings value to his customers through his experience and his passionate and creative energy for finding solutions.

Jason Turner is highly skilled at analysing, interpreting, and implementing complex system design. He has been using advanced data analysis techniques on-the-job for over 15 years.

In support of his roles in control system design, implementation and commissioning, Jason is deeply familiar with many DCS, PLC, SCADA, database, and communication technologies. Jason specialises in strategic monitoring, performance, assessment, tuning and optimisation of live plant. He has a particular strength for stepping into projects mid-development, rapidly coming up to speed, and turning out client-pleasing results.

Jason Turner’s work is well-regarded and sought-after, and he is committed to facilitating knowledge growth among peers across the industry.


Theresa Turner

Theresa Turner has 12 years experience in professional engineering practice, working in design, review and commissioning of safety and control systems.

Theresa focuses on preparation and planning to get things right the first time. With her safety systems background, she intuitively thinks about how to make things work wherever the threats and opportunities lie.

A critical thinker and an active listener, Theresa takes a careful and considered approach to decision-making.

Theresa is currently acting as Jason Turner’s strategic and engineering support team, working behind the scenes to help ensure our customers are happy.